This $99 eye massager can relieve headaches and erase bags

Vortix 2.0 uses cutting-edge technology to alleviate stress.

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Headaches and eye strain are common problems for anyone who spends hours looking at screens every day. Taking regular breaks isn’t always possible, but the Vortix Eye Massager 2.0 offers a smart solution. Designed by a team of software and hardware engineers, this device massages the ciliary muscles around your eyes and your temples to help you unwind. You can get Vortix now for just $119.99 at the PopSci Shop.

When you spend hours every day looking at screens, it isn’t unusual to experience headaches and sore eyes. Even at bedtime, you might find yourself lying awake after a long shift.

Vortix provides instant relief from all of these problems. This FDA-approved device offers heated eye cushions and an air pressure system that gently massages your eye area. In combination, these features help to improve blood circulation and diminish any tension.

The mask is small enough to take anywhere, with a folding design that saves space. There are six different settings to choose from, and you can charge the battery in under one hour. Along with tension and eye strain, Vortix can help to reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles.

Order now for $119.99 to get Vortix 2.0, worth $450.

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