Learn to build intelligent apps that listen, see, and talk

This five-course learning bundle helps you work with Alexa.

From smart speakers to facial recognition, machines are using their senses more than ever. The Voice, Chat and Vision Automation Bundle helps you understand the technology and create your own intelligent apps using Amazon Alexa and other exciting platforms. You can currently get all five courses and 20.5 hours of training for $19 via the PopSci Shop.

Rather than pushing buttons or tapping on touchscreens, we will probably control future devices with our voice or physical gestures. To make this future a reality, many startups are looking for developers with related skills. This bundle helps you master the technology through hands-on video tutorials. You don’t need any previous experience, and the courses help you build your own software from scratch.

The courses on Amazon Alexa show you how to build a chatbot that understands natural language and can reply in kind. The computer vision track looks at image recognition and OCR, while the videos on Elasticsearch and Kibana help you create a powerful data search engine. You also get acquainted with Amazon Lex and Google DialogFlow, meaning you can design your own chatbot apps.

Worth $845, the courses are now just $19 with lifetime access included.