Vitagene’s DNA test kit helps you create the perfect health plan

Now 30 percent off, with an ancestry profile included.

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In the next few years, DNA profiling is likely to transform healthcare. By analyzing genetic code, medical professionals can already assess your risk of developing diseases and understand how your body processes food. The Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Personalized Health Plan lets you access this cutting-edge science today. You can get the kit now for $69 via the PopSci Shop—and use code SEMIANNUAL for 15 percent off.

Every human has their own, unique genetic code. These instructions are passed down through the generations, and they dictate everything from the color of your eyes to your natural resting heart rate. Vitagene’s DNA test kit gives you the opportunity to read your own instructions and make use of the information.

The kit contains two swabs and two vials. You simply take a sample from the inside of your cheek and mail it to the experts at Vitagene. They will then produce a complete health profile, and trace your ancestors.

The report can help you create a personalized diet and workout plan to suit your metabolism. You also get suggested supplements, and the test will pick up on gluten sensitivity.

Order now for $69 to get the Vitagene kit, and use code SEMIANNUAL for an extra 15 percent off, bringing the final price down to $58.65.

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