Vibes hi-fi earplugs protect your hearing without muffling the music

Save 25 percent on these innovative ear protectors.

When your favorite band is on stage, nothing should come between you and that great music. Unfortunately, the sound levels at most gigs can actually damage your hearing. The Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs provide a neat solution—these clever ear protectors turn down the volume without affecting sound quality. They are now just $17.99 on a price-drop special at the PopSci Shop.

You might think that hearing loss is something that only affects retirees. But research shows that many young music fans are going deaf in their twenties. With Vibes, you get to enjoy top sound quality at a healthy volume. Rather than blocking up your ears with foam, these earplugs use tiny tubes to funnel the sound. They turn down the volume by about 22 decibels, which is just enough to save your ears.

Of course, you might not want to look like you’re wearing earplugs. For this reason, the Vibes are pretty discreet. Once they are fully inserted, the only thing you can see is the tiny transparent sound tube. The earplugs are also totally reusable and easy to wash.

They retail for $23.99, but you can grab the Vibes Hi-Fi earplugs now for $17.99.