As VR entertainment becomes more ubiquitous, people are going to need more and better ways to make VR experiences.

And a new tool available on Steam, Valve’s online gaming and software buying platform, might give people the perfect chance to dip their toe into the content creation pool.

Valve is releasing a basic app today called VR Destinations that will allow users to generate VR worlds from photos of real places, of create entirely imagined worlds.

The tool will work with both HTC and Oculus headsets, and allows users to produce a full, 360-degree immersive environment—albeit not an interactive one.

While VR Destinations will help users generate VR content, it’s more along the lines of a really cool visual from your vacation, or a proof of concept opportunity for showing off concept art. You can’t make the environment responsive, and the images will remain essentially static.

Still, the early access software has some great potential, both for giving new VR creators room to learn, and for letting amateur VR creators create experiences for non-gaming purposes.

We’re curious what potential the medium has to offer—but still not excited to see your vacation photos, even when they’re rendered in VR.

[H/T The Verge]