uTalk helps you master the wide world of languages on any device

Get lifetime learning now for $15.

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We live in an age where people on opposite sides of the world can become best friends. But unless you speak the same language, making conversation is impossible. uTalk Language Education helps you overcome the language barrier, with fun courses in 140 different languages. It works on mobile and desktop, meaning you can learn whenever you have free time. You can get lifetime membership now for just $19.99 via the PopSci Shop, and until 5/29, you can get it for just $15 with code WEEKEND25.

Many of us think about foreign languages in the context of school—dry textbooks, endless conjugation, and plenty of homework. But learning a language doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

uTalk makes the process much more interesting. The platform teaches you practical vocabulary through fun mini-games that take a few minutes. To help you nail the accent, uTalk also provides audio from native speakers.

This lifetime membership lets you pick out any two languages to learn. The choice is huge, extending from Albanian to Zulu. This includes Spanish, French, Chinese, and many more. You can learn your two languages simultaneously or one after the other, and uTalk will track your progress.

Order now for $19.99 to get your lifetime subscription, worth $84.99, and remember to use code WEEKEND25 for an additional 25 percent off through 5/29.

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