uTalk helps you master a new language on your lunch break

Choose which language you want to learn—just $19.99.

To get the best out of your vacation, you really need to speak the local language. Learning from a phrasebook is virtually impossible, but there is a better option. With uTalk Language Education, you can master virtually any language in the world by listening to native speakers and playing fun mini-games. You can grab the full course on one language for $19.99 via the PopSci Shop—perfect for vacation prep or as a unique Father’s Day gift.

No-one enjoys wading through page after page of alien words. But learning a language doesn’t have to be this hard. With uTalk, you pick up new vocabulary through fun picture quizzes. The program also uses native speakers to read out the words, so you get used to the accent. You can even record your own voice to make a comparison.

Available in any web browser and on mobile devices, uTalk helps you learn useful vocabulary for your travels, along with everyday words. The games only take a few minutes, so you can practice easily in your lunch break. With 130 languages to choose from, the world is waiting.

Order now for $19.99 and save 69 percent on a lifetime subscription.