Learn to speak any language like a native with uTalk

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Ever tried using Google Translate? Your dog could probably give you a better sentence structure. Instead of relying on technology, you can master foreign languages with ease via uTalk. This innovative training platform lets you learn on any device, with fun mini games to boost your vocabulary. You can grab lifetime access on one language now for $19.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

As the world becomes ever more connected, being able to speak a foreign language becomes more and more valuable. Whether you love travel or just need to fly abroad on business, uTalk can help you chat to the locals. You can choose from 130 languages, and practice virtually anywhere.

The training helps you understand what native speakers would say in any given situation. This could be ordering a drink or just meeting a new acquaintance. You get to hone your skills through picture quizzes, while the audio is provided by native voice actors. With apps available on all major platforms, uTalk makes it easy to pick up any foreign tongue.

Normally $64.99, lifetime access on one language is now just $19.99.