You can pay whatever you want for this game developer training

Master Unity through 37 hours of instruction.

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Making games for a living sounds like a career that’s too good to be true. But many indie developers have found success in recent years, and the industry is still growing. If you want to create the next viral hit, the Unity Game Development Bundle can help you get started. This tasty line-up includes 37 hours of video training, covering 2D and 3D games. Better still, you can pay what you like for the bundle at the PopSci Shop.

If you have ever played a game and thought “I could do better than this”, now is your chance. Anyone can become a games developer with the right training, and indie titles are more popular than ever.

This bundle helps you hit the ground running, with five courses on key aspects of modern games development. The training focuses on Unity and Unreal Engine, the platforms behind countless top franchises. Through hands-on lessons and fun projects, you discover how to turn your ideas into playable levels.

You will also learn how to build great mobile games with HTML5, and captivate your audience with augmented reality.

To get the deal, pay what you want for the Unreal Engine course; simply beat the average price paid to get the full line-up, worth $999.

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