How to make your online life hacker-proof

Make your digital life hack-proof without splurging on security software.

Luckily, there’s a whole host of ways you can start protecting yourself online, without needing to splurge on expensive security software or having a degree in computer science. Check out this Unhackable: Personal Cyber Security Course. It’s a hands-on, comprehensive way to immerse yourself in the tactics and methodologies to protect your personal security and never become a victim of cybercrime.

It includes 17 lectures and 3.5 hours of content that you can access 24/7 — check out what’s in this course below:

1. Protect your email and web accounts

In this section of the course, you’ll learn how to create a secret email address, and learn how to make it. You’ll also learn how to set and remember difficult passwords that are highly secure, including learning about 2-step verification and password managers.

2. Network security

You’ll also learn the basics of network security: including how to use a public Wi-Fi connection worry-free. It’s usually over a public connection that your information is most vulnerable, and unfortunately, that’s where we tend to work or make transactions — whether that’s in your favorite coffeeshop, or just checking your bank account while at the airport. This section details tools you can use to help ensure your security, and how to tighten your own home network security (and it’s about way more than just making sure your neighbors don’t mooch off your Internet!).

3. Personal security

Most of us use social media extensively on our mobile devices, and that’s unfortunately where many people fall prey to hacking. A whole wealth of personal information is readily available on social media, and you need to learn how to protect your devices in order to make sure that’s not harvested by people with ill intentions. This section of the course shows you how to protect your information and secure your mobile devices while browsing.

4. Financial and identity protection

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn to protect your financial assets online. We make countless numbers of transactions digitally these days, and this sections shows you best practices for setting up your credit cards, freezing credit card file reports and protecting yourself from ATM skimmers.

5. Computer security

Finally, you’ll learn how to protect your device at home — from protecting yourself from fraud and ransomware attacks, to adding multiple layers of security solutions to develop a custom best-fit solution for you, this course covers it all.

Learn how to protect yourself online and give yourself some extra peace of mind: get the Unhackable: Personal Cyber Security Course for $14, or 71% off the original price of $49.