Find your way to the eclipse with these UltraBright flashlights

Get two 500-lumen tactical flashlights for under $18.

Whether you’re aiming to catch the solar eclipse or just taking out the trash, a good flashlight is pretty essential. With the UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight, you get the perfect mix of compact power and rugged design. Right now, you can grab two for just $17.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

These flashlights are perfect for folks with an adventurous streak. Made from lightweight aircraft aluminum alloy, they can survive any amount of hiking, climbing and spelunking. Each light weighs just 65 grams, but you don’t have to make compromises on power. With 500 lumens to play with, you can see the path half a mile ahead.

The adjustable zoom allows you to control the power, and there are several light modes for different situations. Lower bright mode allows you to save power, while SOS mode can help you out of tricky situations. The two-pack comes with a hard carry case, and each flashlight only needs one AA battery. They really are lights you can trust.

You would normally pay $100 for two of these flashlights, but they are now just $17.99 for the pair.