Harness the power of cloud computing with this VMware training

Make your IT business more efficient.

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Many businesses need to use cloud-based apps running on different operating systems. Virtualization is a technique used by IT professionals to run multiple systems on the same server. If you want to know how it works, the Ultimate VMware Mastery Bundle is a great starting point. This mini-library of four courses helps you master the most popular virtualization framework. You can get the training now for $19.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Running multiple operating systems usually means running several different servers, even if you don’t need that much capacity. VMware provides a more efficient solution, placing every app in a separate container on the same server.

This bundle helps you learn the basics of virtualization and how to work with VMware products. The courses provide 26 hours of training in total, split into concise video tutorials. Along the way, you discover how to deploy vCenter server management and vSphere virtualization.

With cloud computing becoming ever more important, these skills are invaluable for any aspiring IT professionals. The bundle also includes a certificate of completion to prove your knowledge.

They’re normally priced at $399, but you can grab these courses now for just $19.99 with lifetime access included.