Learn to build databases from scratch with the ultimate MySQL Bootcamp

This beginner-friendly course is now just $11.99.

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From sales to science, data plays a vital role in all industries. For obvious reasons, recruiters are continually interested in people who can crunch the numbers. If you want to start building complex databases from scratch, the Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp can teach you how. This beginner-friendly course takes you from coding newbie to certified database developer in five hours. You can get the training now for $11.99 via the PopSci Shop.

MySQL is one of the most popular tools for building databases. If you want to code web apps, analyze financial figures, or improve your sales strategy, it’s a good idea to get to know this framework.

Through 34 video tutorials, this course helps you learn MySQL from the ground up. You start with SQL syntax and simple functions before diving into logical operators and aggregate functions. The course helps you apply this new knowledge with several hands-on projects, including a photo-sharing network.

You should come away with the skills to create solid database structures and analyze large data sets. You even get a certificate of completion to prove your skills.

Worth $200, the course is now just $11.99 with this deal.