Master graphic design with seven premium courses for $34

Learn to create stunning logos and icons via 31 hours of training.

If you appreciate small details, graphic design might be the career for you. It takes serious skill to create a beautiful logo or background, and you won’t find a more creative job. The Ultimate Graphic Design Mastery Bundle helps you reach professional standards through 31 hours of hands-on training. You can grab the bundle now for $34 at the Popular Science Shop.

Graphic design used to be about business cards and posters. But the industry is now booming thanks to digital platforms. Design skills are essential for building apps and creating social media content. If you want to make the switch to a creative career, this bundle is a great place to start.

The courses take you from the basics of Photoshop right through to pro-level techniques. You learn through hands-on video tutorials, with plenty of challenges to test your new skills. Along the way, you master Adobe Illustrator and discover how to design websites with Dreamweaver. The training also covers Affinity Designer, typography skills, and the business side of design.

These courses are worth $565 put together, but you can start learning now for $34 and save over 90 percent on the training.