The ultimate fidgeters bundle helps you beat stress with two premium desk toys

The Stress Block and Stress Spinner have become the latest office craze.

By soothing your overactive mind, fidget toys are scientifically proven to reduce stress and help you concentrate. That’s why fidget toys have recently become the latest office craze, providing instant relief for serial fidgeters. You can get both toys now for $24.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

While your ancestors needed to look out for wolves and bears, that same instinct is just distracting when you are trying to work. Fidget toys simply calm your manimal instincts, making it easier to concentrate. The six-sided Stress Block is covered in different shapes and textures to keep your fingers busy and your mind focused.

The Stress Spinner lets you forget about spreadsheets for a second and enjoy some satisfying down time. You simply hold it between your finger and thumb, using your other hand to impart the spin. It can keep turning for five minutes straight, thanks to low-friction ceramic bearings. Both toys are built for everyday use, and they easily fit in your pocket.

Order now to get the Ultimate Fidgeters Bundle for $24.99, saving 72 percent off the regular price for both toys.