This bundle helps you build awesome robots with your Arduino

Discover DIY robotics with 22 hours of training for $29.

When you first get your Arduino, it’s rewarding to make an LED flash. But after a while, you might start to crave something more challenging. The Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle helps you master your board and create your own (simple) artificial intelligence. You get 22 hours of training and two awesome projects to try—now for just $29 at the Popular Science Shop. Plus, get an extra 50 percent off this bundle with code BUNDLE50.

Building a robot is pretty high on any nerdy bucket list. This bundle helps you build two, and understand how every component works. It’s the perfect way to take your first steps in robotics, or simply upgrade your weekends. You start with mBot, the world’s friendliest Arduino learning platform. This project helps you master the basics, from assembling the chassis to programming with Scratch.

The second course improves your knowledge by diving into the details. Through step-by-step tutorials, you learn about micro controllers, sensors, and motors, along with chassis design and wiring. The final course focuses on the Arduino itself, giving you the skills to start your own advanced projects.

Worth $300, the training is now just $29 with lifetime access included. And when you use code BUNDLE50 you get an extra 50 percent off—so the training is only $14.50!