Master computer science with 124 hours of training

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When the tech giants hire new talent, they invariably look for people with computer science skills. Knowing how machines think lets you find solutions to unique problems. If you want to enter this fascinating niche, the Ultimate Computer Science Career Bundle should be your first stop. With 124 hours of video training, it’s as good as going back to college. Grab it now for just $39.04 at the Popular Science Shop.

Most developers create programs on one or two existing platforms. In contrast, computer scientists have a much greater understanding of how computers work. With this knowledge under your belt, you can pretty much walk into any tech-related job.

This bundle replaces an expensive college education, with 980 hands-on video tutorials. You learn a range of skills, from fintech with Python and R, to big data with Hadoop and Spark. You also discover machine learning, dive into web development, master software testing, and study cloud computing. The bundle even prepares you for that first nerve-wracking interview.

The instruction is worth $1,492 put together, but you can start learning now for just $39.04 with lifetime access included.