Backend developers are the unsung (but well-paid) heroes of the tech world. Without their knowledge, even the prettiest app would be completely useless. The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle helps you join this exclusive club, with 14 courses covering every facet of backend code. Right now, you can get all 78 hours of training for just $49 at the PopSci Shop.

There are many reasons to learn backend development. While specialists can earn six-figure salaries, you might also want to build a custom backend for your own websites and apps. This bundle helps you follow either path, with video lessons that cover every major backend framework. You should come away with some additions to your coding skill-set, as well.

Through step-by-step tutorials, you discover how to build an SQL database from scratch and use a JavaScript stack. You can also dive into Bootstrap, try your hand at C, create your first Android app, and familiarize yourself with Django Python in just one hour. The courses provide loads of hands-on practice, and you get lifetime access to all the content.

Worth $2,786 in total, the training is now just $49—that’s only $3.50 per course.