Best rolling pin: The essential tool for home bakers

Effortlessly flatten bread dough, buttery pastry or fondant icing with these handy options

When it comes to tools for bakers, a rolling pin is essential. It can be used for a range of different tasks, from rolling out buttery pastry for pies to flattening bread dough for pizza. There are also specialist ones to use with fondant icing to make sure it doesn’t stick.

Not all rolling pins are made equal though, and some will work better than others. Wood, for example, is better for bread doughs. But if you’re working with buttery pastry, you’ll want one that will stay cool, like marble or stainless steel. As for fondant icing, plastic is actually best.

Here’s what else to consider:

  • Shape: There are three main styles of rolling pins: French tapered, cylindrical, and cylindrical with handles. French tapered are best if you need more control during use and need to roll in different directions quickly, for example when making dumpling wrappers. Cylindrical ones, whether with or without handles, are better for rolling out large flat sheets. The ones without handles have a larger rolling surface but some may find these more difficult to handle.
  • Material:  If you work with bread dough a lot, wood is best. This is because flour sticks to its surface more easily, which stops the dough from sticking to counters or wherever you’re working with dough. For buttery pastry, you want to keep the rolling pin as cool as possible so the butter doesn’t melt and ruin the pastry—marble and stainless steel are best for this, as you can chill them in the fridge. As for fondant icing, look for plastic ones with a non-stick coating.
  • Length: Obviously the longer your rolling pin, the more rolling surface area you have, which is great if you need to roll out large sheets. Something around 40cm long will suit most households. Any longer than that and you may struggle with storage; if it’s shorter, it will take you longer to roll out the same amount of pastry or dough.

Our Picks for the Best Rolling Pin on Amazon

Top pick overall: ProCook Rolling Pin & Stand Marble

Stylish and Practical

This well-designed option is suitable for dough and pastry making it much more versatile. The material can be cooled, ensuring butter won’t melt while you’re working with it.


Runner up: tuuli Kitchen Professional Wooden Rolling Pin


Thanks to the handles on this option, even kids will find this option effortless to use. It should be hand-washed and left out to dry after use.


Budget pick: Dexam Beech Rolling Pin

Simple but Effective

This is a great no-frills option for the economically-minded home baker. It’s also available with additional accessories.


Premium pick: Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin

Great for Beginners

The depth guides and color-coded size markers on this dishwasher-safe option make novice bakers’ jobs much easier.
Joseph Joseph


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