Best blue-light-blocking glasses that are stylish and comfortable

Reducing the amount of blue light reaching your eyes may help cut down on eye strain.

Blue light is everywhere. It occurs naturally in the sun’s rays and digital devices such as laptops and mobile phones emit blue light. But prolonged exposure could potentially damage eyes and disrupt sleep patterns. The answer, some experts believe, could be the use of blue-light-blocking glasses. While there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support this yet, some people have found that by simply wearing a pair of special glasses, they can remind themselves to take a break from screen time. Others have anecdotally seen reduction of eye strain. If you’re looking to test a pair yourself, here’s what to look for.

  • Lens colour: Different-coloured lenses block out different shades and amount of blue light. Clear is the least effective, followed by yellow and orange. Red is the most effective. As blue light helps your body to adjust to its circadian rhythm and sleep pattern, you might not want to completely block out blue light during the day. Instead, you might want to have a clear or yellow pair during the day, and then switch to a darker colour at night shortly before bed.
  • Lens features: While choosing your lens, it’s also worth thinking about additional features. Some blue-light-blocking glasses come with an anti-glare coating, for example, which is designed to reduce eye strain. You should also look for glasses with zero magnification, as this can cause headaches and even damage your eyesight.
  • Frame: Once you’ve picked your lens, think about the frame. Like wearing other glasses, they need to provide a comfortable fit, especially if you’re planning to wear them for long periods of time. Adjustable nose pads can help them rest on your face better. And flexible arms will help reduce the pinch on the sides of your face.

Our Picks for the Best Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses on Amazon

Top pick overall: Okany Light-Blocking Glasses

Durable Design

The clear lenses on this stylish unisex option will reduce glare and help alleviate eye strain. Okany

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Runner up: Riccardo Materossi Light-Blocking Glasses

Zero Magnification

The transparent lenses on this tortoiseshell frame will let you see clearly without any distortion.
Riccardo Materossi

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Budget pick: COOLOO Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

10 Frames Available

This bundle includes a case, cloth bag, and a cleaning cloth to keep your shades in tip-top shape. COOLOO

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Premium pick: TIJN Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Designed for Comfort

These spectacles contain a spring in the hinge that connects the arms, which stops them from pinching the side of your face. TIJN

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