Uber just made knowing where your family members are a lot easier. The app now allows you to see when rides are taken by kids, spouses, and anyone else you want to include in your Family Profiles section.

It’s a big step in making some people feel safer using the app, and allowing family members to use it. Over the last few years Uber has had press attention turned to some pretty messy safety issues, including driver assaults.

There are definitely plenty of people out there who will feel better knowing someone is aware when they’re taking cars, and understanding that someone else could be watching may keep would-be attackers from committing crimes.

But those cases are rare: The majority of people will just find it easier and more convenient to see when a spouse gets a car from the airport, or whether a child is going to make curfew. Maybe there’s a roommate you want to key in for those 1am rides home from the bar?

It’s up to you. To set Trip Tracker up, just make sure your app is up to date, and set up Family Profiles with everyone you want to monitor (and want to monitor you).

[H/T Mashable]