No-one can type faster than they can think. But if your fingers are lagging behind your brain, you are simply wasting time. Typesy Typing Trainer helps you improve your typing speed so you can spend less time glued to your keyboard. The platform combines video tutorials and fun exercises created by touch typing experts. You can get lifetime access to Typesy now for just $19.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Without training, the average person types about 40 words per minute. That might not seem like a problem until you realize that trained typists can reach 100 words per minute. In other words, they can get their work done 2.5 times faster than the rest of us.

If that sounds appealing, you need to try Typesy. This platform helps you master touch typing by completing a few exercises each day. You also get video instruction from typing experts, and the platform provides personal coaching.

Available on Mac and Windows, Typesy offers 16 activities in total. The software also tracks your progress over time, and you can download an advanced typing certificate once you have completed the course.

Order now for $19.99 to get lifetime access, worth $290.

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