The teaser trailer for Jurassic World will be released this Thursday, and while everyone is looking forward to the film’s release next June, some imaginative folks on Twitter have been exploring what kind of problems Jurassic Park might have had to endure if it were a vacation destination in the real world.

It all started with this tweet from Glendon Mellow (@flyingtrilobite)


And it just got better from there. Some tweets talked about the difficulties of running a successful hotel with uncooperative wildlife:

Tweet: Shed trilobite exoskeletons ruining the soft golden sand of the hotel beach. #realJurassicParkproblems
Tweet: Additional costs as obnoxiously loud, frequent stegosaur mating calls necessitate moving enclosure away from hotel #realJurassicParkproblems

While others were more focused on hazards to visitors:

Tweet: Park experiences rash of #dinoselfie related casualties that one up the #bearselfie trend. #realJurassicParkproblems
Tweet: Stegosaurs spend 90% of their time nudging the lysine-pellet distributor in the corner of their paddock. #realJurassicParkproblems Reply Retweet Favorite

Then there were bureaucratic and societal implications:

Park leads to fashion for pet Micro Stegs. Animal shelters overrun when 'micro' Stegosaurs grow up. #realJurassicParkproblems
Tweet: @GaffaMondo @FlyingTrilobite Park cited 57 times for violations of OSHA rules on giant asteroid preparedness. #realJurassicParkproblems

And then, there’s the logistics of it all.

Tweet: Post-it: Order more goats #realjurassicparkproblems