The TRNDlabs Spectre Drone makes a perfect gift for aspiring pilots

This gyro-stabilized HD camera drone is now just $100.

Drones are more popular than ever, but many of the top models are unbelievably expensive. The TRNDlabs Spectre Drone changes that, with six-axis stabilization, HD video recording and flight-assist features for under $100. You can actually grab the Spectre now for just $99.99 at the Popular Science Shop—and use code GREEN20 for an extra 20 percent off—valid thru 12/14.

This powerful drone has all the features you would expect from a machine costing ten times more. With a range of 50 meters, you can explore the local landscape. The built-in HD camera records smooth video from above, while gyros keep everything steady. The drone can even take off, maintain altitude, and land all by itself.

Meanwhile, pilots with a sense of style can switch to Expert flight mode. This sharpens up the controls, and allows you to pull 360º flips with ease. The Spectre also has LED lights for night-time flights, and you can watch a first-person view with the IRIS VR goggles (sold separately). This quadcopter makes an awesome gift for any aspiring drone pilot.

Originally $149.99, the TRNDlabs Spectre is now just $99.99. Don’t forget to use code GREEN20 for 20 percent off at checkout.