Meet the rugged speaker that can survive all the elements

The Trakk Bullet delivers high-quality sound through water, dirt, sand, and more.

Outdoor adventures usually involve rain and dirt—two words that strike fear into the heart of many an audiophile. In contrast, the Trakk Bullet Bluetooth Speaker actually embraces wet weather. It can survive 100 liters per minute of water, while shrugging off sand and dust. You can grab the Bullet now for $39.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

In testing, the Bullet speaker was subjected to a three-minute soaking from a 12.5mm hose. The result? The same crystal-clear sound before and after. The rugged outer shell is made to beat the elements, whether you’re relaxing at the beach or trekking through jungle. At just six inches long, the Bullet is small enough to fit in your pocket.

The volume is impressive for a speaker of this size, and delivers solid audio quality too. The Bullet connects to your phone via Bluetooth, with a range of 33 feet. This means you can keep your phone safely tucked away, and use the speaker’s built-in music controls. You also get 20 hours of battery life, and a speakerphone mic for staying in touch with civilization.

Normally $69.99, the Trakk Bullet is now just $39.99 with a choice of three colors.