Toybox is a 3D printer designed specifically for kids

Get it now at 32 percent off MSRP.

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Children today will probably live in a very different world as adults. One of the big changes could be a move to 3D printing products at home, instead of buying mass-produced junk. If you want to help your kids get ahead of the curve, give them the Toybox 3D Printer. This desktop device has been designed especially for young creators, allowing them to print their own toys. Right now, you can get Toybox for $314.99 via the PopSci Shop—that’s 32 percent off the MSRP.

Over the past few years, 3D printing has taken off in a big way. Makers use these machines to create amazing models and custom parts. However, most 3D printers are quite tricky to operate, even for adults.

In contrast, Toybox keeps things nice and simple. To use the device, your kids simply select a design via the companion app and hit “print”. Toybox does the rest, printing toys and models with impressive precision.

Along with a huge choice of pre-made designs, the smartphone app lets you create something new, such as a mini-me figurine. Your designs are printed in non-toxic PLA, with numerous colors to choose from.

It’s normally priced at $469, but you can grab Toybox now for $314.99.

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