Astronaut Hopefuls Can Tour NASA's Spacewalk Training Facility Using VR

Go underwater with trainees in 360-degree VR

Space Walk Training VR/360

Space Walk Training VR/360

Watch space walk training in VR/360 vision.Youtube

NASA has high standards for who gets to train to be an astronaut--most of us probably couldn't have made it at our peak physical and mental condition. But thanks to VR recording, you can walk side-by-side with training astronauts and see what the experience is really like.

A new Youtube video shows you in VR/360 what it's like in the underwater facility used to simulate weightlessness for astronauts who will eventually be tasked with spacewalks.

No, it's not the same as being a real astronaut. But short of space camp, or enough money to pay the Russians to launch you into space, this is a pretty cool consolation prize for those of us not chosen.

Take a look (with a 3D headset) here: