In Toronto this Weekend? Be sure to check out TCAF

Hey, it's free to attend! Why not?

On May 9, the 2015 Toronto Comic Arts Festival kicks off, bringing together the best names in comics for a weekend of fun, games, and your favorite prehistoric odd couple.

I'll be at table 242 on the second floor of the Toronto Reference Library where the festival will take place. I'll have copies of all my books on hand, including MEMORY, Vaccines Work, and the all new OTP book, which takes the original comics, adds 15 pages of new art, and throws it all together into a heart-warming science story. Learn about the climate, flora, fauna, and desperate living conditions of the early Triassic during one of the Earth's most severe extinction events: The Great Dying.

In 1975, paleontologists unearthed the remains of the Triassic Period’s most curious odd couple. The exact details of how these two unlikely creatures came to be entombed in the same burrow were lost to time, but you can read their story today, thanks to the magic of prehistoric fan-fiction. OTP explores the lives of these ancient animals, as they form a bond lasting over 250 million years.

If you're interested, but won't be in Toronto (or Vancouver later this month) I'll have the book available online in June.

Hope to see you there!