Tiny Tools Take Over

Emergencies rarely announce themselves, so carry all you’ll ever need in your pocket

Tiny Tools

Photos by Will Styer

1. Machine Era Titanium Multitool

Machined, as its name implies, from a block of titanium, this multitool has a Phillips-head and flat-head driver, a pry wedge and both a 1-inch and a 2.5-centimeter rule. A hand-blasted matte finish defies scratching. $32

2. Metal Dreamer Pinch

It's hard to imagine this titanium chunk encom­passes 11 tools--including a wire stripper, nail puller, hex-bit holder, and bottle opener. Despite the sparse look, the company designed it with function in mind--there's plenty of space to hold it. $22

3. Pangea Designs PiCO

This extremely minimalist item by Pangea is crafted to be a bottle opener. You'll hardly notice PiCO in your pocket--it weighs about as much as two paperclips, and keeps a low profile because the key ring it dangles from doubles as leverage. $11

4. Reductivist Ringtool

Always be prepared for emergency bike adjustments. Each of the eight hex-head and driver pieces is long enough to reach screws, and won't be uncomfortable in your pocket. Plus, you can use it as a bottle opener. $28

This article was originally published in the September 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title "Tiny-Tool Takeover."