Tiny Falcon 9 Rocket Lands Successfully In Backyard Pool

Meet Falcon 0.9

The key to SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket is not how it goes up, but what it does when it comes down. Built around a reusable first stage, the rocket puts objects in space and then lands safely back to earth on a floating drone platform. Or at least, it’s supposed to. While the real rocket has had its share of failures and successes, this miniature one, created by YouTube user ajw61185, seems to work just fine.

What’s the secret? Look close: that’s no rocket, it’s a drone!

The tall, cylindrical body rests on top of a converted toy quadcopter. Last year, ajw61185 created another improbable miniature flying machine, turning a toy Star Wars landspeeder into a flying machine with quadcopter body parts. The system likely doesn’t scale up, so don’t expect real Falcon rockets to replace their retro rockets with propellers ever.

Watch below: