TimeFlip Magnet is a simple time tracker to help boost your productivity

And this little productivity enhancer is now 25 percent off.

You can download an app for everything nowadays. But sometimes, the offline solutions prove to be the most effective. Enter TimeFlip Magnet, a neat little device that lets you manage your time without staring at a screen. The multi-sided gadget even integrates with your favorite productivity platforms. Right now, the TimeFlip Magnet is just $44.99 at the PopSci Shop.


The Magnet device actually arrives as a flat-pack kit. It only takes a couple of minutes to assemble your time tracker, which looks like an oversized tabletop gaming dice. Each side has a symbol that equates to a specific part of your working day—email, meetings, phone calls, and so on. Whenever you switch from one activity to the next, you simply turn TimeFlip so that the appropriate icon faces upwards.

How does this help? As you move the physical device, the TimeFlip app automatically starts tracking your time. The app then lets you view a breakdown of how you have spent your time, including a painful look at the hours wasted on social media. You can also link TimeFlip to third-party apps, including Harvest, Trello and Todoist.

Order now for $44.99 to grab the TimeFlip Magnet and save 25 percent on the regular price.