TigerVPN prevents your ISP from selling your data

Protect your privacy and save more than 90 percent off lifetime service.

Now that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can sell your browsing data and app usage to advertisers, your most personal information can be sold to whoever’s willing to pay the most for it. TigerVPN prevents this happening by making you totally anonymous online—all while avoiding geo-restrictions and cyber criminals. You can currently save more than 90 percent off this lifetime service via the Popular Science Shop.

Be rerouting your data through masking servers, TigerVPN makes it virtually impossible for anyone to see the sites you visit. This shielding applies across the board, from your internet provider to government agencies. Furthermore, this VPN offers military-grade encryption with a choice of protocol, and a NAT firewall—all vital protection when you connect to public Wi-Fi.

TigerVPN works across all your devices, including routers. You can protect two devices simultaneously and get around the annoying geo-restrictions on sites like Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer. With low-latency servers in 11 different countries, you always get a fast connection.

A lifetime subscription would normally cost $780, but you can currently get TigerVPN for just $29. Order now to beat your ISP and save hundreds on the protection.