Although an increasingly familiar sight these days, tiny consumer drones are still something of a novelty across much of America and the world at large. But the basic look of a drone — a sleek, ball-like object with some spindly rotors and appendages sprouting from it, a kind of mechanical alien bug — is so instantly recognizable that it seems to be infiltrating the industrial design of other objects as well. Take this new €895 ($1,019) platterless turntable, for example — the “Atmo Sfera,” which has already crushed its Kickstarter goal of $45,129 with over a month left to collect funding pledges.

Doesn’t it look as ready to take to the skies as to play a vinyl record to you? In fact, the creators should probably go ahead and build in some flight capabilities on this thing. That would be even cooler, right? A drone that plays records? Or maybe I’ve just been doing this job for too long…


Atmo Sfera platerless turntable pulley

Detail view of the turntable’s pulley.

Atmo Sfera platerless turntable arm

Detail view of the turntable’s mechanical arm.

Atmo Sfera platerless turntable logo

Detail view of the Audio Deva logo.

Atmo Sfera platerless turntable parts

Detail view of the various components of the turntable.

[H/T: Designboom]