This smartphone dock takes the hassle out of charging

No wires, just instant sync and fast charging for under $20.

After a hectic day, you probably just want to collapse into bed. With the Charge & Sync Dock, you simply place your phone on the stand and relax. Need to check your texts? Not to worry, your phone is conveniently upright and ready to be used while it charges. Right now, you can get one for just $19.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Even a reversible Lightning connector can be fiddly when you’re in a rush, but this dock makes life simpler. When you place your phone on the landing pad, the built-in connector automatically slips into your device. Aside from charging, this sleek stand keeps your phone upright and rock steady.

The dock is made from durable TPU, which doesn’t slide on smooth surfaces. This means you can still access your emails and send off quick Snapchat photos while your phone is charging. The design looks good on your desk, and it stops your device from getting scratched on your nightstand. There are two versions to choose from (Lightning and USB-C), for Apple and other manufacturers, respectively.

The Charge & Sync Dock usually retails for $34.99, but you can grab it now at just $19.99, saving 42 percent off MSRP.