This Is What IBM’s Chef Watson Thinks You Should Eat For The Holidays

Ham pot pie, anyone?

IBM’s Chef Watson has been cooking up some strange concoctions for the past few years. If you find yourself in a slump this holiday season, perhaps it’s exactly the computer-aided creativity you need. Chef Watson is designed to pair different flavor profiles by using cognitive computing to analyze data sets. Not the way a human would usually go about designing a dish. But sometimes, that ends up being a good thing. You could end up liking the results of your food experiment.

Here are a couple of examples IBM’s PR agent sent to me:

But if those don’t entice you, you can always do some searching yourself. Type in “Christmas” or “New Year’s Eve” or “Holidays” in as a style, and see what strange halibut, turkey, and prune dishes Chef Watson spits out. This year I may just end up serving some Holiday Short Grain Fried Rice with cocoa, or or maybe some Christmas Dried Papaya Seared Tuna. Hopefully my family is feeling adventurous.