This Is What IBM's Chef Watson Thinks You Should Eat For The Holidays

Ham pot pie, anyone?

Your holiday table is waiting for the perfect dish

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo by Miia Ranta via wikimedia commons, cc by 2.0

IBM's Chef Watson has been cooking up some strange concoctions for the past few years. If you find yourself in a slump this holiday season, perhaps it's exactly the computer-aided creativity you need. Chef Watson is designed to pair different flavor profiles by using cognitive computing to analyze data sets. Not the way a human would usually go about designing a dish. But sometimes, that ends up being a good thing. You could end up liking the results of your food experiment.

Here are a couple of examples IBM's PR agent sent to me:

-- Eggnog Cocktail – This spin on the holiday beverage adds fruit, vegetable, spices, vermouth and Guinness beer to the eggnog for a new version of the classic drink. -- Gluten Free Allspice Fruitcake – If dietary restrictions or allergies have changed the way you need to think about holiday eating, dessert can sometimes be the most difficult course to swap for gluten-free >options. This upgraded version of fruitcake combines the flavors of cherry, ginger, lime, blood orange and quince with chocolate, pecans, allspice, anise and even white wine--and the best part is, the use of >yellow cornmeal makes this fruitcake entirely gluten free. -- Holiday Ham Pot Pie – Looking for inspiration for your holiday ham dish or wondering what to do with the leftovers? A pot pie is a warm, satisfying treat that’s perfect for the season. This dish combines ham, >fresh herbs and vegetables like broccolini, potato, onion and mushrooms with surprising ingredients like white grape juice and spicy poblano pepper for a savory pie that will leave your guests full and happy. -- Coke Cocktail – Perfect for your holiday or New Years party, the classic Coca-Cola soft drink gets an adult twist once it’s shaken with pomegranate juice, coffee liqueur and red vermouth--and with a rosemary and lemon garnish, guests will be pleasantly surprised with this cocktail.

But if those don't entice you, you can always do some searching yourself. Type in "Christmas" or "New Year's Eve" or "Holidays" in as a style, and see what strange halibut, turkey, and prune dishes Chef Watson spits out. This year I may just end up serving some Holiday Short Grain Fried Rice with cocoa, or or maybe some Christmas Dried Papaya Seared Tuna. Hopefully my family is feeling adventurous.