IBM’s Chef Watson has been cooking up some strange concoctions for the past few years. If you find yourself in a slump this holiday season, perhaps it’s exactly the computer-aided creativity you need. Chef Watson is designed to pair different flavor profiles by using cognitive computing to analyze data sets. Not the way a human would usually go about designing a dish. But sometimes, that ends up being a good thing. You could end up liking the results of your food experiment.

Here are a couple of examples IBM’s PR agent sent to me:

But if those don’t entice you, you can always do some searching yourself. Type in “Christmas” or “New Year’s Eve” or “Holidays” in as a style, and see what strange halibut, turkey, and prune dishes Chef Watson spits out. This year I may just end up serving some Holiday Short Grain Fried Rice with cocoa, or or maybe some Christmas Dried Papaya Seared Tuna. Hopefully my family is feeling adventurous.