The Megabite app turns your boring food into an exciting smiley face. Aaron Randall

It’s a problem as old as time. You want to make a smiley face out of your food, but you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Enter Megabite. The app, which is currently only available as source code, analyzes a picture of food and then transforms each food item into a nose, ear, mouth, or eye to form a smiley face.

The software first figures out where the plate is in the picture, then individual items, and then rotates them to fit into specific “face” templates.

These templates are an arrangement of rectangles, and the software sorts and places food items into each rectangle by how long or wide they are. A piece of bacon is longer than it is wide, so it could be a mouth or an ear.

Here’s a gif, courtesy of Megabite maker Aaron Randall.

If you’re truly committed to digitally rearranging your breakfast, the code, for iOS, is available on Randall’s GitHub page.