This 3D dinosaur neon sculpture adds jurassic vibes to any room

The perfect prehistoric night light, now with a half off.

Steven Spielberg would have us believe that dinosaurs were giant, murderous monsters. But this friendly 3D Dinosaur Light is a party animal that will brighten up any room with one of seven different colors. You can adopt your very own neon dinosaur now for $29.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Standing ten inches tall, this T-Rex is slightly smaller than previous generations, but still big enough to be the center of attention. The amazing 3D design looks like something from Blade Runner, accented by the dark plexiglass stand. If you get bored with the glowing green, there are six more light colors to choose from.

While the luminous lizard is fun for parties and special occasions, you can actually use this light every day. It will last 10,000 hours without any change of bulb, using relatively little power. You could quite easily use it as your own quirky night light, or get the dino to chase away your kids’ night terrors.

It’s normally $59.99, but you can get the 3D Dinosaur Light now for $29.99.