Master digital music production with 45 hours of Logic Pro X training

Get the inside track for $29.

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The beauty of digital music production is that anyone can produce a viral hit. All you need is a laptop, some software, and maybe a MIDI keyboard. The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle can help you get started, with eight courses and 45 hours of video instruction focusing on Apple’s music suite. The training covers both composition and mixing, so you can be totally self-sufficient. Right now, you can grab the bundle for $29 at the PopSci Shop.

Not everyone is blessed with angelic vocal cords or fingers that will shred. But even the least gifted musician can create something impressive using Logic Pro X.

This bundle shows you how, with video tutorials starting from scratch. You begin with a tour of the software, before diving into mixing techniques and third-party plugins. The training also looks at sound design, synthesis, and various kinds of audio production.

Just as importantly, you get help with composing new music. The training explains the chord progressions used in many popular tracks, and you learn how to write lyrics.

It’s worth $690 in total, but you can get the bundle now for just $29.

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