These unbreakable pint glasses are the perfect gift for beer lovers

Get a 12-pack now for $29.99.

For true beer lovers, drinking from a paper cup is incredibly unsatisfying. The Perfect Pint Glass offers a much better alternative—made from Tritan BPA-free plastic, it is virtually unbreakable and completely clear. What’s more, it feels just like a real glass in your hand. You can grab a 12-pack now for just $29.99 at the PopSci Shop.

Inspired by the outdoor lifestyle, the Perfect Pint Glass was made for drinking beer with your friends around the campfire. However, these glasses work just as well at a house party or around the pool.

Manufactured in the USA, the glasses are made from a special kind of plastic. Tritan is a material known for being extremely transparent and glossy. As a result, the Perfect Pint Glass feels and looks the part. The material is also FDA-approved and dishwasher-safe, with no harmful bisphenol-A (BPA) to ruin your beer.

Each Perfect Pint Glass can hold a full 12-oz can of beer. This 12-pack comes with useful carrying tabs—just like a six-pack of beers.

You can grab a set of 12 Perfect Pint Glasses now for $29.99.