The Morning Sidekick Journal is your daily dose of mindfulness

Starting each day with a purpose can seriously improve your productivity.

The start of each day should be your most productive time. Yet somehow, the morning hours often seem to drain away. The Morning Sidekick Journal wants to help you plan your day right, with a laser focus on the things that matter. It’s a great way to start hitting those New Year goals and an excellent Valentine’s gift to yourself. Right now, the Journal is just $24.99 over at the PopSci Shop.

You might be wondering how it’s possible to be mindful in the morning rush. But this Journal is designed to take just three minutes of your time each day. The pages provide straightforward prompts, helping you form a plan of action.

The first step is to write down the actions you need to take. This helps you focus on productive tasks and your long-term goals, rather than useless admin. The Journal also helps you track your time, including bedtimes and early starts. Just as importantly, the pages encourage you to remember great moments and think about how you can improve your life one step at a time.

The Morning Sidekick Journal is normally $33.90, but you can get yours now for only $24.99.