Get ahead of the curve with these certified machine learning courses

Master the technology behind tomorrow’s world for $41.

From self-driving cars to Netflix recommendations, artificial intelligence relies on seeing lots of data. This process is called machine learning, and it’s an exciting new field for developers. The Machine Learning Certification Training Bundle helps you understand the technology, with eight in-depth courses. You can get the training now for only $41 at the PopSci Shop.

Machine learning is the technology that allows Google to understand your spoken requests and Facebook to recognize faces. Just as a child learns from experience, you can “teach” a program by using huge quantities of data.

This bundle shows you how it’s done, from preparing the data to writing intelligent programs. You learn through hands-on video lessons, and there are loads of fun projects to try.

Along the way, you learn the basics of data science with R and Python. The training also shows you how to work with key frameworks, such as Tensorflow and Keras Bootcamp.

These skills are highly prized in the tech world, and you can apply them to finance, sales, and other sectors. Hence, each course comes with a certificate of completion.

Order now for $41 to get lifetime access to all eight courses, worth $1,599.92.