Become a certified project manager with this Six Sigma training

Grab 75 hours of training for $59.

Most six-figure jobs are linked to specialist college courses. But anyone can become a project manager—you just need to know the methodology. The Complete Six Sigma Training & Certification Bundle helps you master the framework used by project managers at Amazon and GE, with over 75 hours of training working toward certification. You can grab the bundle now for $59 at the PopSci Shop.

Six Sigma turns productivity into a science. Created at Motorola, the framework helps managers to reduce waste, increase output, and control costs. If you want to rise up the career ladder, this training is a great starting point.

Through concise videos, you learn the Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma frameworks from top to bottom. The lessons start from scratch, helping you understand the terminology and the methods used at Six Sigma companies. Along the way, you will discover how to communicate with stakeholders, define your goals, eliminate overproduction, and more.

In addition, every course helps you work toward official certification, with professional credits and full exam prep.

It’s worth $2,300, but you can grab the bundle now for only $59 and get lifetime access to all the courses.