Japan’s latest sci-fi monster, the Yamaha Tesseract, hunches on four wheels instead of two. This beastie is designed to retain all the turning sensations of a two-wheeled ride, without the threat of Godzilla-style carnage in the hands of an inexperienced rider.

Each wheel mounts on an arm that allows it to move independently, so the Tesseract can remain level as it crawls over uneven ground. And riders of any skill level can lean deep into turns, while the four contact points with the road provide reassuring stability. A locking brace keeps the bike balanced at stops.

Sporting a hybrid gas-electric engine, the Tesseract is a glimpse into a future that is safer for riders and the environment. But for now, it is merely a glimpse. Yamaha plans to spend several years on R&D before even building a drivable prototype.