If you were lucky enough to unwrap a shiny new device this holiday season, you might be on the lookout for some upgrades. Right now, you can grab these awesome gadget accessories at low prices via the PopSci Shop.

Graphene 5K HyperCharger + Triton Cable
Graphene 5K HyperCharger + Triton Cable Stack Commerce

This ultra-slim battery is made from lightweight carbon, and delivers power at incredible speed. You can charge two phones at the same time, with 5,000mAh to play with. Normally $69.98, the HyperCharger is now just $22.99 with the 3-in-1 Triton Cable.

Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad
Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad Stack Commerce

This Qi charger lets you take advantage of your new phone’s wireless charging features. It works with the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Galaxy XS, and loads of other devices while preserving the batteries in the long run. The charger is now 50 percent off at $10.99.

JS Wireless Charging Power Bank
JS Wireless Charging Power Bank Stack Commerce

For power on the move, the JS Wireless power bank couldn’t be more convenient. With wireless and USB charging modes, it offers 6,000mAh in a pocket-friendly form. Got a brand new iPhone X? This is the accessory you need. You can grab one now for $52.50, saving 30 percent on the regular price.

Triton 3-in-1 Cable
Triton 3-in-1 Cable Stack Commerce

When you own several mobile devices, the Triton cable makes life much easier. It has Lightning, USB Type-C, and microUSB connectors, along with a tangle-free cable. Normally $29.99, the one-meter version is currently just $9.99.

HomeSpot USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro
HomeSpot USB-C Hubs for MacBook Pro Stack Commerce

The Macbook Pro is a brilliant machine, but it does lack ports. The HomeSpot hub adds dual USB-C ports and 5K video out, plus more regular USB ports and memory card slots. The hub is now 65 percent off MSRP at $54.99.

ARMOR-X 2-in-1 Tablet Stand
ARMOR-X 2-in-1 Tablet Stand Stack Commerce

From watching movies to cooking with online recipes, the adjustable ARMOR-X stand provides a safe place for your tablet. The top rotates through 360 degrees, and you can even wall-mount your device. It’s normally $49.99, but you can get the stand now for $29.99.

iRest Lap Stand
iRest Lap Stand Stack Commerce

If you plan to read books on your tablet, this iRest stand might be a better option. With soft padding and an adjustable frame, it allows you to relax with your favorite author. You can get this well-reviewed stand now for $49.90—that’s 19 percent off.

Layze Phone Holder
Layze Phone Holder Stack Commerce

Perfect for Facetime and GPS, the Layze phone holder is strong yet flexible. It clamps to any solid surface, and you can tilt your smartphone to the perfect angle. It’s now 59 percent off the regular price at $19.99.

Power Dot Pro Rapid Car Charger
Power Dot Pro Rapid Car Charger Stack Commerce

With a total output of 4.8A between two devices, this tiny car charger packs a punch. It also has short-circuiting, over-voltage, over-charging, and over-heating protection to keep your devices safe. Normally $24.99 each, the Pro Dot is now only $14.99.

Casetify Apple Watch Band: $70 Credit
Casetify Apple Watch Band: $70 Credit Stack Commerce

New Apple Watch owner? Personalize your watch with $70 to the Casetify store. Choose from endless custom possibilities to suite your style for every occasion and mood. Get your credit now $50 for $70 of credit.