Even if you’re not regularly turning into a lobster, cumulative exposure to rays from the galaxy’s nearest start can cause wrinkles, age spots, and even the most common form of cancer. Some SPF-equipped gear will keep you covered — literally.

Kiss cooler

Ingesting sunblock is gross, but your lips can sear too. With flavors like pineapple and Key lime, the Sun Bum Sunscreen Lip Balm SPF 30 makes it more likely that you’ll cover your kisser. Sun Bum

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Face filters

Maui Jim Onshore Sunglasses sport glare-killing lenses and a frame that curves to meet the contours of your face. The close fit prevents reflected light from roasting your eyeballs—which, yes, can burn. Maui Jim

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Cool coverup

A tight weave of recycled polyester gives the Patagonia SunshadeTechnical Hoody the best possible ultraviolet protection, stopping more than 98 percent of harmful rays. The hood offers plenty of room for a cap. Patagonia

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Hoops goop

Sweat obliterates sunscreen, but ThinkSport Safe Sunscreen can endure more than 60 minutes of hard exercise before wearing off because it contains 20 percent ray-deflecting zinc oxide. ThinkSport

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Nice cream

Lotions labeled “broad-spectrum” block UVA and UVB rays but degrade quickly. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen relies on a multitiered mixture of compounds called helioplex that lasts for hours. Neutrogena

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Lit lid

The Columbia Bora Bora II Booney’s blend of synthetic fibers creates an almost impenetrable dome of ultraviolet protection for the noggin, ears, neck, and face. A mesh vent lets cool breezes in and sweaty air out. Columbia

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Slim shady

Collapsing to a mere 10 inches, the Coolibar Bund Compact Umbrella fits in even the most overstuffed beach bag. Its 43-inch canopy is infused with a reflective layer that repels UV radiation. Coolibar

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