A Cloud Room And Other Amazing Images From This Week

Time Collage

Singapore-based photographer Fong Qi Wei spends two to four hours shooting the same landscape, then digitally collages them into a single image, with different slices taken at different points in time. So here are some fireworks seen in the daytime (kinda).Fong Qi Wei via Colossal


What would iconic photos look like if they'd been taken in the Instagram age? Probably/hopefully not like this. But the series by writer Dave Nuttycombe is a masterclass in photos that miss the point. Here's Harry S. Truman holding up a newspaper with a headline that probably wasn't all that important.Dave Nuttycombe via PSFK

Public Bus House

Nice, right? Must be, like, Paul McCartney's tour bus? Nope. Just a converted Israeli public bus that was almost demolished before being converted by Tali Shaul and Hagit Morevski. I'd live there. Nice place, any location.Tali Shaul/Hagit Morevski via LikeCool

3-D Printed Glasses

Eyewear company Protos is offering custom-fit, 3-D printed glasses, like these crazy Lego-bifocals. The company's also offering more conventional styles, but, c'mon, if you're 3-D printing your glasses, may as well make a statement.Protos via designboom

Blob Building

Artist Nick Ervinck erected this blob building, called Cirbaots, in Ghent, Belgium. It's a facade made from polyurethane foam. Guess what's underneath? A bar, filled with people unsure if they are drunk or not.Nick Ervinck via Dezeen

Cloud Room

Japanese architectural firm Tetsuo Kondo created this cloud room. Through temperature and humidity control, the architects make a cloud and keep it at a certain height. Just climb the stairway and you're in heaven.Tetsuo Kondo via Design TAXI

Broken Umbrella Art

Designers Amanda Schachter and Alexander Levi gathered 450 broken umbrellas in New York City, then created this floating sculpture out of them. Beautiful. Still doesn't keep out rain, though.Amanda Schachter/Alexander Levi via Atlantic Cities

Tulip Bridge

MLBS Architects designed this tulip-inspired concept bridge for Amsterdam. The different sections would be able to fold up and create an auditorium, hopefully not while anyone is crossing.MLBS Architects via eVolo

3-D Printed Fashion

Designer/technology fan Iris van Herpen used 3-D printing to create these translucent collars.Iris van Herpen via Dezeen

The Next Trip To Mars

The Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) spacecraft will be the next NASA mission to Mars, taking off on a 10-month journey in November to study the red planet's atmosphere. Here it is a few months before it says bon voyage.NASA/Tim Jacobs