Watch Somebody Pilot A Drone With Google Glass

It was only a matter of time, really

This is one of those ideas it’s surprising we didn’t hear about earlier: a Google Glass-controlled drone! (Come on, guys, Google Glass has been around for, what, four months?) But then again, if this coding narrative from Glass developer Blaine Bublitz is any indication, it took a bit of pro hacking to make possible.

Bublitz started with the gesture control system Leap Motion, running it through the Arduino-based robot Shieldbot. After experimenting with that, he tried a similar strategy with Glass, loading his Glass set with an app that can transmit head-movements into pitch and roll directions that can be sent to a quadcopter drone. That left Bublitz with the Glass-controlled ‘bot you see above.

I’m simplifying Bublitz’s description, but if you’re technically minded, by all means check out out his full description. Then decide how it stacks up to this Oculus Rift-piloted drone.

[Iced Blog via PSFK]