25 People Who Will Be ‘The Next Steve Jobs’

Everyone from Jeff Bezos to Marissa Meyer to "a bikini video director" has been anointed the next Steve Jobs. Here's every such mention we could find.

Even before his death nearly two years ago, writers of all stripes began to wonder, “Who is the next Steve Jobs?” It was fitting, in a ghoulish sort of way: People were lusting for the next model before the current one had become obsolete.

Their answers over the years, gleaned from Google and Lexis Nexis, have covered the spectrum. On the one side are Jobs-like tech shamans with a cultivated air of prickly genius (Elon Musk), and on the other are more democratic choices (“a bikini video director”), with plenty in between (Marissa Meyer). Here’s everything we could find.

“The next Steve Jobs will be Jonathan Ive.” (AskMen)

Joe Chen will be the next Steve Jobs.” (io9)

Mark Pincus Is The Next Steve Jobs” (Seeking Alpha)

Ben Milne… could be the next Steve Jobs.” (Telegraph Herald)

“I Truly Believe Jack Dorsey Is The Valley’s Next Steve Jobs” (Business Insider)

Jeff Bezos Is the New Steve Jobs” (Gizmodo)

Jeff Bezos

“5 Reasons The Next Steve Jobs Will Be Latino” (Latina)

“Louis C.K.: The Next Steve Jobs Will Be A Chick” (Fast Company)

“The Next Steve Jobs Is Foreign Born, American Educated And On A Plane Home” (Business Insider)

“Why the Next Steve Jobs Will Be in Energy, Not Computers” (Technology Review)

“Why Elon Musk Is the Next Steve Jobs” (Huffington Post)

“Why Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg May Be The Next Steve Jobs” (Seeking Alpha)

Marissa Meyer: The Next Steve Jobs?” (InvestorPlace)

Drew Endy, Bio-Engineer: The ‘Next Steve Jobs’?”(Wall Street Journal)

“Is Tim Cook the next Steve Jobs?” (International Business Times News)

“Is Mark Bruk The Next Steve Jobs?” (Market News Publishing)

“Is Kanye West Really The Next Steve Jobs?” (Rolling Stone)

“Can The Next Steve Jobs Come Out Of Asia, Not Silicon Valley?” (Tech in Asia)

“Can a Black Girl Be the Next Steve Jobs?” (ColorLines)

“Is the next Steve Jobs living in a remote Russian town?” (ScienceDump)

Jesse Youngblood of Guilford may just be the next Steve Jobs.” (The Courant)

“The Next Steve Jobs May Be in 8th Grade” (The Chairman’s Blog, Gallup)

“The next Steve Jobs might be in school detention right now” (QZ)

“Meet The Bikini Video Director Team Glenn Beck Is Touting As The Next Steve Jobs” (The Daily Banter)

You Can Be The Next Steve Jobs” (TheStreet)