This 3-D Printed Skateboard Is The Geekiest Way To Shred

Extra nerd cred: the bottom looks like the moon

For too long, skateboarding has been the domain of cool kids. This geeky 3-D printed skateboard brings the pastime to nerds.

Artist Sam Abbott designed the board and entered it in a contest hosted by 3-D printing company 3DprintUK. The design won, and the company printed the real thing you see here. It’s not fully 3-D printed–the wheels and trucks (those black metal things hanging down and connecting the wheels) are made from the usual materials–but it’s more fully 3-D printed than some other, similar projects. Plus: that moon-like pattern on the bottom is awesome.

You can’t tell from the photos, but the board was actually printed in three parts, then assembled after. Not sure how that affects the board’s breakability, but it’s at least ridable, as you can see in the assembly video here.