Watch A Real-Life Drone Get Piloted Through The Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is a virtual-reality headset that makes for a crazy-immersive experience. (Example: you can feel what it’s like to get your head lopped off without actually getting it lopped off!) Turns out, it’s a pretty cool gadget for real-reality experiences, too.

The engineers at Intuitive Aerial, a company that makes aerial camera rigs, hooked the Rift up to a drone’s cameras, feeding a video stream through a Wi-Fi-connected laptop. That means the pilot can see what the drone sees, almost in real-time. (The latency’s slight: just 120 milliseconds between the drone’s cameras and the pilot.) But there’s at least one problem with the rig: since the drone needs a Wi-Fi connection, it doesn’t work past, at most, 100 meters. But still, the real world has pretty great resolution.

[Intuitive Aerial via Polygon]